Light Pole Voltage 105-264VAC - VTAP Light Pole Power Tap

VTAP1 for Antennas | 105-264VAC


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Bridge / Backhaul Power Solutions:

Easily turn any Light Pole into a Wireless Bridge or Backhaul.  The Light Pole Power Tap Series provides a Turn-Key, Plug and Play Solution for installing Wireless Point-to-Point Equipment on any Light Pole.    Small footprint. Installs in minutes. No trenching. No cable. No costly Electrician.

Powering City Mesh Networks:

Expand the reach and accessibility of a wired network by powering Access Points along with Point-to-Point Wireless equipment for City-Wide Connectivity.  Light Poles provide an excellent infrastructure for creating, or expanding, a City-Wide Mesh Network for connectivity. They are abundant, their height ensures that wireless equipment is out of the reach of the public, and helps establish line-of-sight for communication between poles. The integrated components convert the AC Voltage to the appropriate PoE output (Power over Ethernet) for your Wireless Equipment.  Multiple models are available for any application. Small footprint. Installs in minutes. No trenching. No cable.

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